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Promoting organizational strategy-
synchronizing human potential management.

Genesis Consulting is a part of Genesis Group

About Affiliated Companies

Affiliated Companies

AMI specializes in custom-tailored innovative solutions for family businesses and has successfully assisted a vast range of small and large sized family businesses with finding solutions to their specific issues. AMI is an affiliate of FBCGI, the Family Business Consulting Group International.

Agens Israel is an international partner of Agens International Ltd., which specializes in the reintroduction of unemployed persons into the workforce. The company specializes in re-assigning unemployed people back to the workforce and is an authorized supplier for the Israeli government. The company has obtained the right to operate the government program “Mehalev”– the nation’s first Welfare-to-Work Pilot Program.

  לכל אדם יש שביל

“If we spend most of our lives working, then our jobs should be much more than just a paycheck. Our work should give us joy, shouldn’t it? But if it doesn’t, what then? And what do our grandparents have to do with it?” (Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai)


Professional Focus

GENESIS Consulting services focus on the human factor within organizations and companies and are offered at the highest professional level...
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Inter-Cultural Focus

Genesis Group places utmost importance on understanding the local culture, myths, languages and... Read more»


Business arena focus

Genesis-HCS employs top professionals with specified and accumulative experience in defined business arenas... Read more»