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Promoting organizational strategy-
synchronizing human potential management.

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About Mr. Morris Kaner

Mr. Morris Kaner

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Born – July 13th 1948, Germany.

Nationality – American, Israeli

M.A, Organizational Psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

B.A, Psychology and English, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Current Occupation
Consulting, coaching and training

Area of expertise:
Management, Safety, Quality, Marketing

Training Languages
English, Hebrew

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Phone:  +   972- 3-6160600

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Successful Selling – Part 1
Acquiring Crucial Skills and Techniques In today’s competitive marketing environment there is a limit to how low prices can go. The way a salesperson can “make a difference” above and beyond offering price reductions is to be professional and to create an impact. “Successful Selling – Part1”will enable participants improve their sales performance by helping them have a greater impact on prospects and clients.

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Successful Selling – Part 2
Managing Yourself Successfully
Selling is a profession that provides a great degree of freedom in making decisions and managing oneself. The fact that sales representatives are usually “in the field” (and far from the office) means that, in order to succeed, they have to manage themselves in a disciplined and organized manner. “Successful Selling – Part 2” will help participants attain the levels of sales success that they would like to achieve without being overly reliant on others for help.
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Professional Focus

GENESIS Consulting services focus on the human factor within organizations and companies and are offered at the highest professional level...
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Inter-Cultural Focus

Genesis Group places utmost importance on understanding the local culture, myths, languages and... Read more»


Business arena focus

Genesis-HCS employs top professionals with specified and accumulative experience in defined business arenas... Read more»