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About Mrs. Gila Yaniv

Mrs. Gila Yaniv

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Residence – Israel

M.A. Public Policy and Administration, Tel-Aviv University, Israel: Studies focused on investigating the work of local and regional authorities from the economic, legal, social, administrative and ethical aspects.

B.A.,English, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Current occupation
Career Development Trainer & Personal Coach.
(1999 – to the present ).

Mrs Yaniv has ongoing experience in group and individual coaching and has conducted Over 300 Workshops, Team Training and Personal coaching sessions in various organizations.

Main Areas of Expertise
Enhancing personal competences and managerial skills in effective teamwork, effective business presentation and Business Negotiations.

Training for career development – job hunting, job interviewing skills and retirement.

Coaching for organizational improvement through the fulfillment of individual career goals


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  • WorkShops Developed and facilitated by: Mrs. Gila Yani


Stress Managment
Stress – one of the most common ailments of modern age. Stress has many different definitions that vary between different disciplines. Whether used by psychologists, physicians or management consultants, stress is a factor in the organization. We’ve all experienced stress, to some extent, a fact that further complicates stress management. That is, intuitively, we feel that we know what stress is and how to handle it. This workshop is designed to introduce ways and methods for stress management in the organization.
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Job Interviewer’s Guide
The job interview is the most common and popular recruiting tool in the world, and as it’s’ benefits are countless, so are its’ restrictions. A job interview is actually a formal opportunity to gather informal impressions on candidates and a matching point of organizational and personal needs. Our workshop studies jobinterviewing and the role of the interviewe
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Teamwork -Building a Winning Team
By the term Teamwork, we refer to the concept of people working together cooperatively, in order to accomplish shared goals and objectives. Applied to organizations, Teamwork is a method that aligns employee mindsets in a cooperative and usually selfless manner, towards a specific business purpose. While the concept of Teamwork and its benefits are well known and praised, it is yet rare to see it being practiced truly in real life.
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The GENESIS Coaching progrem
“The Manager as a Coach”

Coaching, based on reflection and insight, is relatively a new method in the world of management. Organizations gradually shift their emphasis from control to empowerment and managers are given the opportunity to experience and practice a new paradigm: the view of the manager as a coach. Coaching is becoming a core managerial activity for managers teach, instruct, lead, guide, even nurse, and not just commend or order. Coaching, thus, is the new context of management.
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Professional Focus

GENESIS Consulting services focus on the human factor within organizations and companies and are offered at the highest professional level...
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Inter-Cultural Focus

Genesis Group places utmost importance on understanding the local culture, myths, languages and... Read more»


Business arena focus

Genesis-HCS employs top professionals with specified and accumulative experience in defined business arenas... Read more»