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Business arena focus

Business arena focus

GENESIS Consulting Group employs top professionals with specified, accumulative experience in defined business arenas. We understand the unique characteristics and needs of different professional business arenas. We have sound knowledge of the strategies, organizational structures, roles and process definitions within the different sectors.

Mobile Operators

GENESIS Consulting has worked with several European mobile operators for a number of years acquiring enormous experience in the field of mobile telephony. Our expertise in this field, our knowledge and understanding of the technological, financial and marketing concepts and procedures, equips us to offer mobile operators with a full range of innovative solutions to issues of management and human resources.

Monetary Institutions (Banks, Insurance companies, etc.)

GENESIS Consulting possesses vast experience in the operations of monetary institutions such as banks and insurance companies. Our experts have developed unique, modulated packages in the fields of recruitment, training and management development for a variety of banking staff. Our professional connections in banking institutions and academies equip us to provide training and consultation to credit officers, tellers, investment advisers, etc.

Public Institutions (Government Ministries, Municipalities, etc.)

GENESIS Consulting has acquired considerable knowledge and experience in the operations of public institutions supplying them with consulting services to assist national and local authorities execute their projects. Our experts are sensitive to the need to bridge political and procedural conflicts in order to realize goals. We are also expert In the fields of employment and the management of municipal services, such as garbage disposal, financial auditing, parking solutions, etc.

Educational Institutions (Educational Systems, Schools, Academies, etc.)

GENESIS Consulting has extensive knowledge and experience in the management of schools and a variety of academic organizations. Our experts specialize in educational systems and provide integrated solutions to boost their performance.

Agro-Management (Farms, Agriculture Entities, Food Industries, etc)

GENESIS Consulting has acquired vast experience in the operations of traditional agricultural industries in transition towards modern global concepts of management. Our experts are experienced in working with the Senior management in agricultural production industries and food processing companies. We offer a full range of innovative package solutions as well as a sound knowledge of industrial work relations, procedures and technical matters.


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Business arena focus

Genesis-HCS employs top professionals with specified and accumulative experience in defined business arenas... Read more»