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HR solutions

HR solutions

GENESIS solutions to individual needs Assessment and diagnosis

1. Assessment center: A technique consists with assessing simultaneously a group of 8-12 people in order of accumulating diagnostic knowledge gathered into a personal numerical and verbal report as well as a group report. 2. Individual assessment:  A set of state of the art tools and tests aimed to bring forward all possible accumulated diagnostic knowledge regarding an individual into a full scale personal report.

GENESIS solutions to position needs Organizational consulting

1. Restructuring:  GENESIS assists or rather leads restructuring processes targeting the whole organization as well as parts of it. Process suitable also for merger of companies and the unification of units and positions.

2. Consulting units and managers :GENESIS senior consultants assist and escort executives, managers and units in ad hoc issues as well as long term processes of change regarding structure and people.

Organization: GENESIS solutions to position needs Job design

1. Job design :GENESIS assists in designing positions in a process of restructuring or the attempt to better correlate content of positions to the structure, assignments, targets and KPIs of the organization.

2. Job description:  GENESIS assists organizations in writing up-to-date job descriptions to correlate with organizational chart and its implications.

Position & Individual GENESIS solutions to individual-organization needs for Training & development

1. GENESIS conducts short and long term state of the art development programs for managers and executives within organizations.

2. GENESIS top trainers conduct trainings, whether indoor or outdoor, in subjects related to management skills, marketing, sales and customer care.

3. GENESIS is qualified of organizing retreats, off-sites and training events.

Organization: GENESIS solutions to position-organization needs Recruitment & placement .

GENESIS assists organizations in conducting recruitment processes by training internal staff in methods and techniques for conducting an effective process, refining requests for staff and positions, pointing relevant population from which an effective recruitment can be achieved and monitoring delivery of recruitment staff and external agencies.

GENESIS solutions to individual-position needs Career counseling

1. GENESIS conducts individual career counseling for managers and executives in need of developing their current and future career.

2. GENESIS consults in light of the professional models developed by Dr. Orenia Yanai-Yaffe, a world expert in the field and the author of the best seller book “Career you Passion”.

GENESIS solutions to individual-organization-position needs Testing & auditing

1. GENESIS is qualified to conduct various tests and audits aimed to ensure the full synchronization of the individual, the position and the organization as well as detecting obstacles and bottlenecks.

2. The evaluative products supply full range of information as for current status of the organization along with extensive programs for change and adaptation.