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Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

GENESIS Program for establishing a professional education center for civil servants.

1. GENESIS assists governments and local authorities in establishing education centers that constructs, promotes and executes professional programs targeting the needs of civil servants.

2. The scope of those education programs variates from managerial issues to specific professional ones and aims to maintain high level of expertise of the civil servants and improved service to the public.

3. Those centers become a source of knowledge and consultation for public entities and a solution for their up-to-date needs.

GENESIS Program for establishing a center for accumulative knowledge.

1. Knowledge and information are crucial components in taking decisions regarding a vast range of issues. The correlation between having accurate, well analyzed knowledge and improved decisions is very high.

2. GENESIS assists governments and local authorities in establishing their own knowledge center aimed to provide up-to-date knowledge to public officials in attempt of improved decision taking processes.

3. Methods and techniques like polling, info analysis, quantitative & qualitative research are well implemented in center’s daily routine.