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Genesis Consulting Group
Promoting organizational strategy-
synchronizing human potential management.

Genesis Consulting is a part of Genesis Group

Services Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

GENESIS Consulting applies advanced knowledge, experience and techniques aimed at analyzing processes and trends occurring within organizations. We consult and reorganize frames and units, construct a company’s future goals and the optimal ways of achieving them. We constantly challenge managers with recommendations to improve their implementation of goals.

Organizational consulting Comprises:

  • Re-evaluating organizational structure.
  • Organizational change.
  • Initiating and executing HR projects.

Management consulting Comprises:

  • Management development.
  • Re-evaluating the management chart.
  • Re-evaluating managerial strategy and functions.
  • Re-evaluating of organization’s strategy.
  • Re-evaluating of organization’s vision and missions.
  • Manager support groups.

Individual development:

  • Personal consulting, coaching and mentoring.
  • Individual psychological treatment and psychotherapy.

Professional Focus

GENESIS Consulting services focus on the human factor within organizations and companies and are offered at the highest professional level...
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Inter-Cultural Focus

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Business arena focus

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