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Genesis Consulting Group
Promoting organizational strategy-
synchronizing human potential management.

Genesis Consulting is a part of Genesis Group

Services Research and Polling Services

Research and Polling Services

At GENESIS we have developed advanced research and polling techniques for organizations seeking to identify their current position, future goals and how to close the gap.
Among the issues to research and poll are questions about an organization’s internal values, what the public in general and customers in particular think about a company’s products and services and what  process is needed to close the perceived gap.


Internal values.


Salary, compensation and benefits.


New product demands.


Human resources, status, needs and development.



Public opinion.


Customer satisfaction.


Employee satisfaction.


Service development needs.


Training needs.

Professional Focus

GENESIS Consulting services focus on the human factor within organizations and companies and are offered at the highest professional level...
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Inter-Cultural Focus

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Business arena focus

Genesis-HCS employs top professionals with specified and accumulative experience in defined business arenas... Read more»