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Managing By Thebrain

Managing the Management Resources

Management capabilities and human resources are the organization’s biggest asset.

No task is more important or more complex than developing and managing this asset.

M.B.T, a unique software application developed by Dov Yanai ,offers organizations a management and decision making tool at the hands of top management and HR.


The Organization Today:

  • Complex.
  • Multi-dimensional.
  • Muti- connecting positions.
  • Information overload.

Management and Human resource:

  • The organizational back bone.
  • Information about the human talent potential is an existential need.
  • Having the full picture about management and human resources requires information about diverse multi- dimensional processes.

Organizational Process:

  • Many occurring at a time.
  • Cross organizational.
  • At Varying costs.
  • Requiring information from different sources.

The Need:

  • Availability of information- for decision makers.
  • Varying resources and formats of information.
  • Ability to follow multi dimensional processes.
  • Top view at management level.
  • A smart tool for managing complex processes.

The Answer = M.B.T What is M.B.T? A management and decision making tool at the hands of top management and HR. Software containing all possible information, (informative, definitive and evaluative) concerning top management. The information is organized and presented in the form of a “brain”- a multi dimensional network of people, positions, process and information.

What does it offer?

  • An Information and process management tool.
  • Centralized view of information from varying sources.
  • Varying organizational categories.
  • A view of varying connections between individuals and process.
  • Display of organizational structures and process.
  • Varying possibilities for sorting and intersecting of information.
  • Many search possibilities.
  • Tracking cross organizational process.
  • Overview of coalitions and effecting forces within the organization.
  • Ability to Identify “bottle necks”.

The Software is:

  • Friendly.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Visual.
  • Intuitive.

Format: Disk on key given to the C.E.O or HR manager. Assembling M.B.T:

  • Collecting formal information: job description, C.V, evaluative repots etc.
  • Composing an individual evaluative report on each manager.
  • Collecting non-formal information.
  • Creating software model and collected processing information.
  • Supplying software.

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