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Unique Development SILVER ACE


A Comprehensive Model for Excellence

is a unique comprehensive model uniting and organizing the various human skills for excellence.

Use of the model enables us to analyze individuals, groups and organizations, inquire about their strengths and weaknesses and the potential embodied in them. SILVER ACE supplies us with “maps” to develop and assist individuals and organizations succeed, excel and “become stars

SILVER ACE was developed by Dov Yanai and is the product of years of learning and research into “star qualities”. The model has been adopted by dozens of organizations inIsraeland abroad. It offers a clear and unified language for the role of the individual in organizations as well as for developing star qualities in individuals and teams.

Learning a Common Language




ENG.Q – Energy & Endurance Quotient: dynamism, vitality, strength, intensity and coping with adversity, failure and stress .

E.Q –   Emotional Quotient: imotional maturitysensitivity to others and the ability to empathize and sympathize.
V.Q –   Value Quotient: value system maturity, integrity ,fairness, responsibility, clear rules and regulations.
C.Q –   Change Quotient: Coping with change, chaos, conflict, the capacity for simultaneous action, flexibility and adaptability.
S.Q –  System Quotient: Organization ability, order, clarity, efficiency, simplicity, methodical, planning, prioritizing and focusing.
I.Q-R -Right Intelligence Quotient lateral thinking, creativity, intuitive, inovation, combinatory and non-linear.
I.Q-L  Left Intelligence Quotient: vertical thinking , linear, logical and analytical, classical IQ.
A.Q – Aspiration & Ambition Quotient:  Aspirationambition ‘assurance  ‘ vision and mission.

The Vertical Axis – Energy Ladder 
SILVER ACE- Learning a Common Language

SILVER ACE maps a model of behavioral and personal qualities on a network containing eight main quotient indices arranged across two axes, so that there is meaning to the directions “up and down” and “left and right.”

Excellence is the creation of maximum intellectual, emotional and physical energies.
The ladder has five energy focus rungs: the axis moves from survival to fulfillment, from existence to mission, from present to future, from physical to spiritual, according to the indices of personality,
behavior and thought.

The Horizontal Axis – Left Brain–Right Brain
The left and right sides of the human brain act according to different principles.

The main characteristics of the left horizontal axis are:

  • Lateral thinking
  • Logical
  • Analytical
  • Words and rules
  • Stability and order
  • Time and linearity

 The main characteristics of the Right horizontal axis are:

  • Vertical thinking
  • Intuitive
  • Holistic
  • Symbols and feelings
  • Change and chaos
  • Non-linear and timeless



                                                                    SILVER ACE- Application

What makes SILVER ACE unique is its conceptual language enabling us to characterize not only the individual, but also positions and organizations and to answer questions in all the fields.


What makes a winning organizations?


What qualities make an excellent manager?


How do individuals develop into stars?


What qualities do we seek in our managers and employees?


Does the individual or the organization have vision and ambition?


Is the individual or the organization intelligent? Do we make conclusions, analyze data and learn?


Is the individual or the organization creative, intuitive and sophisticated?


Does the individual or the organization have energy?


What qualities should be developed in future generations?


Developing SILVER ACE-based excellence focuses efforts on cultivating maximum capabilities. Each quotient index has means through which it can be developed. The model can also treat defined pathologies, if relevant quotients are lacking.

SILVER ACE offers a valuable common language applicable to individuals, organizations and their task performance as well as a comprehensive program for developing individual and team skills for excellence.


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